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Analog 808

A collection of high quality 808 bass samples recorded and mixed 100% through analog gear.  Inside this sample pack, you’ll find both tuned samples as well as bass drops.  Each root note has multiple variations to choose from with varying amounts of texture and color, ensuring you get the right sound for your project.

Gear Vintage 1970’s Neve, API, Tube-Tech, Empirical Labs, Dangerous Audio
File Type 24 bit, 44.1 kHz / .WAV
Contains 212 tuned samples + 35 bass drop samples
License 100% Royalty-Free. Use them in your tracks without having to worry.

100% Analog Processing

Every sample inside of Analog 808 was recorded directly from analog rhythm machines, through class A preamps and finally, mixed through a select few pieces of analog gear…

Vintage 1970’s Neve Preamp & EQ

The mic pre and EQ combination from this Vintage Neve 1073 adds warmth, depth and (best of all) texture to the signal.  It also does an excellent job of bringing out subtle details in a sound.  The Neve 1073 was used in both the recording and the mixing of Analog 808.  There’re traces of the EQ as well as the preamp in its overdriven state, throughout various sounds in this sample pack.  The Classic 1073 is truly a great character piece.


The TUBE-TECH CL 1B is an all-tube optical mono compressor.  It’s capable of delivering very smooth and musical compression, preserving the clarity of the sound even when it’s pushed hard.  Because of its tube circuitry, the Tube-Tech was a great color addition to the 808s in this sample pack by adding more body and fullness to each sample.  The harder the samples were pushed, the better they sounded.

Empirical Labs Distressor (British Mode)

The “British Mode” was popularized in the early 80’s when engineers figured out that you could push all four ratio buttons on the classic UREI LN1176.  What resulted was an aggressive and over-the-top sound.  Along with the British Mode, the Distressor is a highly flexible compressor; it does an excellent job at increasing note sustain, bringing out the punch (or “click”) and it can also add multiple flavors of distortion.  All of these Distressor characteristics were taken advantage of when creating Analog 808.

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

The BAX EQ is a thing of beauty.  Probably one of the best analog EQ’s I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.  The unique thing about the BAX EQ is that it maintains phase coherence and does not change the characteristics of the original sound.  Most other EQ’s introduce phase delay to the sound. This allowed the 808s to be pushed in both the low and high end with them getting “fuzzy” or losing their low subharmonic qualities.  What came out of the BAX was a deeper more three-dimensional sound.  You’re going to love it!

API A2D Preamp & A/D Convertor

API is known for their aggressive and in-your-face sound, and the API A2D is nothing short of that.  It comes with two 312 preamps with the signature API 2510 and 2520 Operational Amplifiers.  Also attached to this unit is a world class D/A converter which helped when recording the samples back into Pro Tools.  Color was added to the 808s in varying amounts from both the analog section, by driving the Op Amps, as well as clipping the converters (a lesser known trick).

Hear the Samples in Action

Listen to some samples of the sounds used from Analog 808.  These demos also contain samples from Trap Drums HQ & Lo-Fi Drums Collection

247 Unique Bass Sounds to Choose From

All the contents are neatly labeled & organized inside a total of 4 folders.  This not only allows you to find what you need quickly but also makes it easy to find something that inspires you to create.


In this walkthrough video, you’ll go inside Analog 808 to see how the folders are organized as well as hear some audio snippets of the samples.

What the Pros Say About Our Samples

“Justin what uuuuup?! The drum kit is dope man. Sounds mixed and ready to go. Definitely would help producers and sound designers. I used a couple sounds for a Busta Rhymes mix i was working on to reinforce a 2 track beat. You making any other kits? Definitely interested to hear more of your work.”

Stan Greene (Mix Engineer)

“Very impressive my friend.  When I started going through the sounds I was instantly inspired to start producing a track.”

Ghislain Brind’Amour (Mix Engineer/Producer)

“Honestly, quality wise it’s amazing.  Sonically it’s better than any kit I have.  My favorite section was actually “Misc” – the hits and stomps sound amazing!”

am1r (Producer, Singer, Songwriter)

  • All Analog Processing – From Recording to Mixing

  • 212 Tuned & labeled Samples for FAST workflow

  • 35 Drop Bass Samples

  • 100% Royalty-Free – Instant Download!

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