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Trap Drums HQ

A collection of high quality, professionally recorded drum samples for use in trap and hip hop productions.   These samples were recorded from analog drum machines through a pair of API 312 preamps and each sound was meticulously mixed to ensure the absolute highest quality.

Gear API A2D, Analog Drum Machines, Some plug-ins
File Type 24 bit, 44.1 kHz / .WAV
Contains 314 one shots + 63 BONUS Samples
License 100% Royalty-Free. Use them in your tracks without having to worry.

For indepth details on the kit, please see below…

How the Samples Where Created

Carefully Recorded Through API 312 Preamps

You need a good base to start from because just tweaking any sound is completely useless.So we recorded each and every sound from analog drum machines into a pair of API 312 preamps, driving the input ever so carefully to get just enough color from the 2510 and 2520 Op Amps.

Over 1600 samples were recorded into Pro Tools and carefully listened to which resulted in the best 300+ sounds being selected.

Every Sound Was Tweaked to Perfection

After recording, some further tweaking took place just to make sure all the sounds came out of the speakers in an inspiring way.

A little tape emulation, subtractive EQ, distortion and other techniques were all used to effect the final shape and tone of the sounds.

Even though every sample sounds good “out of the box” they were carefully tweaked to leave you (the producer/engineer) enough room to add processing.

Hear for Yourself…

In the demo tracks below, every drum sound, 808, and effect is from TDHQ.
The melodic sounds and horns are not included but are there to show you what a completed beat could sound like.

Contents of Trap Drums HQ

808s 25 Samples
808s (tuned) 24 Samples
Claps 21 Samples
Crashes 24 Samples
FX 18 Samples
Hats 28 Samples
Hits 19 Samples
Kicks 34 Samples
Open Hats 22 Samples
Rides 25 Samples
Risers 15 Samples
Snares 33 Samples
Tambourines 7 Samples
Toms 19 Samples

More Than Just High Quality Trap Drums

What do the  Professionals Have to Say?

“I downloaded the kit and the sounds are of high quality with plenty of room to eq, compress,saturate or distort as you see fit”

Gary Noble (Grammy Winning Mix Engineer/Producer)

“The sound is quite impressive. I have a few other similar sample packs and honestly these stack up quite well (even better in some cases). I also appreciate that theres room to tweak these to go along with what you are working with. Everything so far is very useful. Great stuff!”

Ghislain Brind’Amour (Mix Engineer/Producer)

“Easily some of the best sounding drum samples I’ve heard recently, regardless of genre. These will likely be my go-to drums for the foreseeable future when I am producing my songs. Great job MM!”

am1r (Producer, Singer, Songwriter)



Fully unprocessed 808 and 909 Kits

We know good, clean, and unprocessed 808 and 909 kits can be hard to find so we thought we would provide you with BOTH as a bonus.  Yours absolutely FREE! ($19 Value)

An extra 32 samples

Left unprocessed for maximum processing ability

High Qualtity sounds recorded through API 312 preamps


BIG KICKS Expansion Pack

These kick are even BIGGER and FATTER then the kicks inside TDHQ.  Each sample was sent through a vintage Calrec mixing desk into a pair of Neve 1073 preamps and Finally Mixed through API 312 preamps to glue the sounds together.  Yours absolutely FREE! ($19 Value)

An extra 31 Kick Drum samples

Run through various Analog gear for maximum character and punch!

You’re going to LOVE these kicks

What Other Happy Users Had to Say

“HQ indeed! Nice ones”
Arthur Doyle
“Great Drums by a Great Engineer!!! I used the trap samples this past week and they cut through a dense mix beautifully. You’re on to something here…”
“Thanks so much for these!!!”
“Yoo Modern Mixing! I appreciate all the videos, as i have learned alot from u; also, i definitely appreciate the drum kits”
Hojo Howard
“Thanks Man !! great work!!”
“Thank you very much bro!!! you are awesome!!! This is like Christmas in summer ^_^ !!! Much thanks”
Blackout Sounds
“Thanks very much justin really appreciated your sample pack!! cheers”
“Real dope sounds, I love them!!!”
Frank A Jones

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