Modern Trap Snares

These “plug & play” trap snares were recorded from analog drum machines, layered with other snare samples, and then mixed both on analog gear as well as inside the box.  The result was 113 unique “modern” sounding snare samples, perfect for modern day trap, hip-hop, and other aggressive genres.

Gear API, Chandler EMI, Dangerous Audio, Various Plugins
File Type 24 bit, 44.1 kHz / .WAV
Contains 113 trap snare samples
License 100% Royalty-Free. Use them in your tracks without having to worry.

Audio Demos

Check out the audio demos below from some very talented producers.

This kit is awesome!  Like always, your kits inspire me to make tracks like crazy and this one is no exception. Thanks!

Don Crayon

Yeah the pack is nice, very high-quality sounding and I like that they sound different than everything else.  I will definitely use it on more of my productions.  I like how it gives producers a unique sound instead of sounding like every other trap snare out there right now.

ChazzTraxx, Owner/Producer of Hit World Records

I really like the sounds, very crisp and versatile. Good variety of both punchy and snappy snares. Will definitely use them in future!

Carl Skies

I think the quality of the snares are incredible. There is an added layer to them that allow them to be used in different capacities and genres. I can see myself using these extensively in my work. I look forward to getting more into these sounds to see how I can put them to good use.

Marcus Da Fingaz Manderson

Recording & Layering

The first layer of samples was recorded through the API A2D very conservatively. The idea was to get a good “natural” starting point for when the samples were mixed with other sounds.

Once the base layer of samples was captured, some snares were combined with other drum machine samples, while others were blended with live recordings, resulting in a truly unique sound from any other trap kit.


After the blending process, each snare sample was aggressively mixed to be snappy, punchy and bright, which is very much what you would expect to hear in modern day trap music.  Some samples were mixed on analog gear, some through plugins and others were mixed on both.

The video below is an example of one snare from Modern Trap Snares being mixed on analog gear.

113 Trap Snares to Choose From

All the contents are neatly labeled & organized in just ONE folder.  This streamlines the production process allowing you to scroll through the sounds quickly to find the snare that works best for any given beat.

What the Pros Say About Modern Samples

“Justin what uuuuup?! The drum kit is dope man. Sounds mixed and ready to go. Definitely would help producers and sound designers. I used a couple sounds for a Busta Rhymes mix i was working on to reinforce a 2 track beat. You making any other kits? Definitely interested to hear more of your work.”

Stan Greene (Mix Engineer)

“Very impressive my friend.  When I started going through the sounds I was instantly inspired to start producing a track.”

Ghislain Brind’Amour (Mix Engineer/Producer)

“Honestly, quality wise it’s amazing.  Sonically it’s better than any kit I have.  My favorite section was actually “Misc” – the hits and stomps sound amazing!”

am1r (Producer, Singer, Songwriter)

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