About Justin Smith

Hi, I'm Justin, founder of ModernSamples.com and ModernMixing.com. I'm a passionate mix engineer as well as producer (when I'm needed) whose main goal is to make things sound better.

Mixing 808s on Analog Gear

While I was mixing the Analog 808 Sample Pack, I realized that the process was unique enough that it might be interesting to watch for those interested in picking up the kit. In this video, I show you just one of ways that I used the gear to create "color" for the sounds inside of Analog 808. But it gives you an idea of what was involved with the process.

Interview with Producer DJ Ambi-DXtrous

Raised in the Midwest Ambi-DXtrous was born with a heart full of creativity and a drive only a handful are blessed to receive. With a unique ear for music and a mind running with ideas, this multi-talented producer is one of a kind. While bringing a unique and new sound to the industry. Find out More about DJ Ambi-DXtrous: Soundcloud Facebook Tell us about your start in music. I started creating music at a very young age. I grew up using samplers and Keyboard work stations. Then as things advanced I moved to Digital Audio Workstations. I was a singer at first, then needed something to sing over so I got into production.   What styles of music production

Interview With Singer, Songwriter, Producer am1r

Aamir Shahid, better known by his stage name am1r, is an R&B Artist, singer/songwriter, and producer. In 2013, while producing for local artists, am1r decided that it was time to focus on his own artistry. He started a new YouTube channel and Soundcloud page later that year, focusing on covers of popular songs, showcasing both his vocal ability as well as production skills. Fast forward to 2015, after amassing a combined 5 million plays online, he is getting ready to release his self-produced debut album through the premiere R&B label, Star Base Music. With an ever growing fanbase as an artist, he is determined to make a lasting contribution to the genre of music that he fell in love with

Interview with Engineer Ghislain Brind’Amour

Ghislain "Gee" Brind'Amour is a Montreal based music producer/engineer with a few Canadian gold and platinum records to his credit. Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, His passion took him to Montreal where he would become an assistant engineer at Planet Studios. Having the opportunity to work with some great producers and engineers was an invaluable experience that allowed him to refine his skills. From there, came the opportunity to go out on his own and he hasn't looked back! Gee has recorded and mixed for such artists as Rihanna, Young Avz, Anjulie, Karl Wolf, Victoria Duffield, Ricky J and Kristina Maria. Find out More about Gee: Facebook Twitter Instagram Did you start off in Production or Engineering? I

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