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An Interview with Producer DJ Ambi-DXtrous

Raised in the Midwest Ambi-DXtrous was born with a heart full of creativity and a drive only a handful are blessed to receive. With a unique ear for music and a mind running with ideas, this multi-talented producer is one of a kind. While bringing a unique and new sound to the industry.

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Tell us about your start in music.

I started creating music at a very young age. I grew up using samplers and Keyboard work stations. Then as things advanced I moved to Digital Audio Workstations. I was a singer at first, then needed something to sing over so I got into production.


What styles of music production do you focus on and why?

I enjoy most genres of music. As far as production goes my heart is with Progressive House, Electro House, “EDM” (A very vague term for people who really aren’t into dance music haha, but it makes it easier to explain it that way), and Future Trap. I just love the energy and the Atmosphere. The people are full of love so I enjoy that.


How would you describe your sound?

Honestly I’ve never thought about that. Maybe Experimental Commercial music. Haha. Oxymoron I know haha.


Can you talk about your setup? Like the gear and software you use?

No problem. As far as Hardware I have a T.C. Electronics M-One. I produce in Logic and Bitwig. I usually Mix and “Master” (I say that very casually Haha) in Logic. Plugins I use when I produce are Alchemy (Logic with the update last September), Massive, and Polysynth (Bitwig).

When mixing, I love the plugins that come with Logic; the Channel EQ, Compressor, and Linear Phase EQ. For delay and reverb I use Logic’s Stereo Delay and Platinum Reverb. When I’m in Bitwig I love their Delay-2 and Reverb. Also Bitwig’s Multiband FX 3 I can add certain effects to targeted points in the frequency spectrum which is amazing for delay, distortion, and reverb.

Third party plugins for mixing are anything and everything Fabfilter!

I use the taboo KRK Rokit 5’s (haha) and Sennheiser HD 205 Headphones. They are made for DJing, but for me they sound very clear and have a good response in the middle of the stereo field. Maybe a -2 or 3 bias.

Do you have any new and exciting project that you are working on?

Right now I’m producing records for a few Artist. When things are finalized I can name names but as of now things are under wraps. Also working on some remixes for other Artist and working on an EP myself!


How important are good quality drum samples to your productions?

I think they are the most important thing honestly. Over the years I’ve been trying to really set up my quality and production to the next level. Drums are the basic foundation of the genres I make so with out the base sounding clean it’s hard to get a quality sounding record.


How did you first hear about Modern Samples?

I was searching the internet for “High quality Drum Samples” and Modern Samples was on the first page!


Which Modern Sample kits are you currently using and what is it about them that you like?

I use Trap Drums HQ on every, yes EVERY record. They are extremely versatile. It doesn’t matter what genre I’m making, MS-TDHQ Snare-06 is probably in the track some where. I love the claps and the kicks layer perfectly with each other!

Trap Drums HQ used in productions by Ambi-DXtrous

If someone was on the fence about picking up one of our kits, what would you say to them?

You must be insane! Haha. No I would tell them that this is one of the best investments for your career in production you can make.


Any advice for beginner producers?

Tons, but I’ll keep it to a few points.

  1. Discover your sound as much as you can, be a student of everything music. Read, watch documentaries, and listen to music other people think is “Lame” you’ll learn a lot.
  2. When you figure out how you work learn some music theory.  Jazz and Classical it will go a long way.
  3. Don’t be afraid of humiliation from the people who you think are “Close” to you. Just work hard and take it with a grain of salt.
  4. If you’re able to shut of the world for 5 months and really focus on something you’re trying to figure out, you’ll be surprised at the results if you really focus.
  5. Whenever you learn something produce a track with what you’ve learned. You don’t have to release. Just work on how you can use it in your workflow. Great!


Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Again thank you so much, it really means a lot and is so humbling for you to ask me.